Ron Scalzo

My name is Ron Scalzo.

In October of 2012, my life was turned upside down by Superstorm Sandy. I lost pretty much everything.  Over the next two years, I relocated six different times. Bald Freak Music, the independent record label I ran out of my basement, my home office and studio – drowned.

My keyboards, my turntables, my microphones, my Beatles albums. Every CD, LP and cassette tape I owned. Every book I wrote a song lyric in. Every demo tape I ever made. All gone.

It was as if my entire musical history had washed away.

What survived were my Yamaha P22 upright piano, my soul, and a whole lot of songs. Songs about rejection, recovery, and rebirth. Songs about heartache, heartbreak, and closure. Y’know….Songs.

In 2014, I traveled to Seattle and recorded my first solo album, The Last Q*Ball Album.  In 2015, I traveled to Tucson and recorded my first digital EP, You Deserve The Best.  In 2017, I traveled to Berlin and recorded my second solo album, I Gotta Rock.

I’m playing live again, I’m more involved in music now than I ever was.  I’m no longer a victim, I’m an artist again.  I could say I’ve come all the way back, but that wouldn’t be true.  I’ve grown since those muddy, Sandy days.

And I am grateful.





You Deserve The Best

The Last Q*Ball Album