Ron Scalzo

My name is Ron Scalzo.

In October of 2012, my life was turned upside down by Superstorm Sandy. I lost pretty much everything.  Over the next two years, I relocated six different times. Bald Freak Music, the independent record label I ran out of my basement, my home office and studio – drowned.

My keyboards, my turntables, my microphones, my Beatles albums. Every CD, LP and cassette tape I owned. Every book I wrote a song lyric in. Every demo tape I ever made. All gone.

It was as if my entire musical history had washed away.

What survived were my Yamaha P22 upright piano, my soul, and a whole lot of songs. Songs about rejection, recovery, and rebirth. Songs about heartache, heartbreak, and closure. Y’know….Songs.

In 2014, I traveled to Seattle and recorded my first solo album, The Last Q*Ball Album.  In 2015, I traveled to Tucson and recorded my first digital EP, You Deserve The Best.  In 2016, I trekked to Berlin and recorded two new songs that will be released as part of my second solo album, I Gotta Rock, in late 2017.  I’m playing live shows again, I’m an artist again.  I’d say I’ve come all the way back, but that would imply that I’ve returned to where I was before the storm changed everything.  This is not true.  I’m beyond that point.  I am grateful, for I have grown.