Return to Earth – Captains of Industry

Abnormal CD CoverReturn To Earth –
Captains of Industry

Catalog No: BF13
Release Date: 12/23/07
Format: CD

1. Intro
2. A New Sound
3. Captains of Industry
4. Get Your Knife
5. You Built The Fire, I Brought The Match
6. Beautiful Mess
7. The Way You Walk
8. I’m Alive and Well
9. Gunpoint Poetry
10. Restore (My Heart)
11. South 20th Street Riot
12. Strings From Niagara
13. Killer Pilots
14. Endless Bags of Money
15. Last Night, Last Fight
16. Remember This Face


Captains of Industry is the aggressive hard rock debut from Return To Earth, the New Jersey-based trio of vocalist Ron Scalzo, guitarist Brett Aveni, and former Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Chris Pennie.  Highlighted by the awe-inspiring precision of Pennie’s backbeat, Aveni’s catchy rock hooks, and Scalzo’s passionate, harmony-heavy vocals, Return To Earth promises not to disappoint when it comes to providing rock and metal fans with cutting-edge Big Rock reminiscent of Queen, Muse, and Nine Inch Nails.

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“Return To Earth have triumphed by embracing and promoting a great sense of dynamic. ‘A New Sound’ is a definite standout track, promoting all the elements which this band embrace so well. The harmony in the chorus is gorgeous, but the whole thing never rests on its laurels enough to be pigeonholed. Other songs like ‘Gunpoint Poetry’ and ‘Restore (My Heart)’ are standouts, the latter taking this band into somewhat of a Foo Fighters territory, then comes the massive riff in the middle, great stuff!”
– Kevin Barnes / Altsounds

“I hope this project between Chris Pennie (Coheed and Cambria/ex-Dillinger Escape Plan) and Ron Scalzo (Q*Ball) isn’t a one-time venture. With flawless harmonies and unforgettable infectious hard rocking hooks, I can’t see anyone that is into rock music not loving this album. Toss any pop/rock band from NIN, Incubus, Foo Fighters, Faith No More, etc., in a pot and start stirring until Return To Earth pops out on the plate. Don’t let this pass you by without giving it a listen.”
– Freddy Jackson / Post Mortem Remains