Return To Earth – Automata

Automata CD CoverReturn To Earth – Automata
Catalog No: BF17
Release Date: 8/17/10
Format: CD

1. Automata
2. You Will Be Replaced
3. Back Of My Hand
4. 1.0
5. Edge Of Forever
6. Night Of The Exploding Razors
7. Snakeface
8. The Dots Do Not Connect
9. 2.0
10. The Replicas
11. So Close
12. God At The End Of The World
13. 3.0
14. Exit Wound
15. The Altercation Of Man

Precious few times in music history does a band encapsulate the highest musical ideals and still have commercial viability. Metal bands don’t often concern themselves with this since being underground and true is metal’s carte blanche. However, sometimes a band comes along that unintentionally straddles this line, doesn’t do it in a contrived way and succeeds. On their second album and first for Metal Blade, a band combines artistry, immense musical talent, heaviness and a wide range of styles. Return To Earth manages to walk in many worlds at the same time and it works.

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“Mixing a love of Mike Patton, Trent Reznor and latter-day Dillinger with the catchy hooks of Coheed, RTE’s second release is an unapologetic slick attempt to smuggle leftfield influences into a mainstream rock sound. The trio are adept at fashioning material which is radio-friendly without dumbing down, and Automata is a work which, given the chance, will surely resonate with a far wider audience than its predecessor.”
– Olly Thomas (Kerrang!)

“…smacks of Nine Inch Nails, Metallica and 80s hair metal all at once. Amalgams like that could turn out unsustainable but Return to Earth manages to keep the music full of fun and interesting surprises, and they click nicely on radio-ready tracks like ‘The Replicas'”
– Kevin Wierzbicki

“When they’re not being (a much refined and improved) DEP, or Baroness’s psycho kid brother, or chasing Slayer around with a chainsaw, they’re ripping off the best part of Minus the Bear’s last album (on “Snakeface”). What are you sitting there for — get to buying this someplace, mush mush.”
-Eric W. Saeger

“RTE never become predictable. They might just be the future of several scenes at once.”
-Phil Sim

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