Radio Daze, New Return To Earth album

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, the Bald Freak Music home offices are being rebuilt while I hunker down in a swag pad in Brooklyn, NY.  This is an opportunity to rethink how I want to run my business, and where I want to run it.

In the meantime, I have relocated my piano and my surviving gear to a studio in the TriBeCa section of Manhattan.  I have been dedicating a good chunk of creative time to my blog and to musical and voice-related endeavors on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.  Check out some of the latest and greatest here.

I contributed singing, rapping and voice work to my friend TJ Taormina‘s new comedy album, No More Comedy Albums, available now on iTunes.


Meanwhile, those other dummies in Return To Earth have decided they’re ready to start tracking the songs we worked on in late 2011, and we will be recording our third album in the coming months.  More on that soon! \m/