Q*Ball – This Is Serious Business

Abnormal CD CoverQ*Ball – This Is Serious Business
Catalog No: BF12
Release Date: 3/06/07
Format: CD

1.His Name Is Goliath
2. This Is Serious Business
3. Baby You Drive Me Crazy
4. Second Chance
5. Music And Pizza Boy
6. Freak Out, Rock Hard
7. Pez Dispenser
8. Goodbye Piano
9. Small Business Development Center
10. Baked On The Freeway
11. Closer & Closer To The End
12. Conversation Piece

Q*Ball’s third album combines the quirky electronica and sonic brilliance of Q’s previous albums with a more straightforward pop/rock sensibility, featuring live drums, acoustic guitars, grand pianos, and, once again, the capable skills of guitarist & co-producer Bumblefoot.

This Is Serious Business illustrates Q*Ball’s growth as an artist, a label guru, and, most of all, as a man. Twelve new songs encompassing everything from pop to punk, from pianos to pizza – Q*Ball remains as eclectic as ever, but one thing is for sure, making quality music is seriously his business.

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“Q*Ball has proven, with his first two releases, to have a solid grasp on modern electronic rock. With this, his third CD, Q deserves wider recognition for the talent that he is. Weaving power rock hooks with pulsing keyboards and loops and strong vocals, you have music that grasps you with its honest intensity. Sly touches of R&B, punk, retro new wave and trip-hop add further flavor. With excellent guitar and bass contributions from GN’R guitarist Bumblefoot, there is no reason Q*Ball should not be one of the leading purveyors of this genre.”
– Mark Waterbury / Music Morsels

“Alternative rocker Q*Ball is back with his third CD, this time diverging into rock territory without entirely giving up the techno influences that marked earlier releases. In terms of production, this is perhaps his best yet, incorporating a slick, ’80s-influenced pop sound that works well with his crooning vocal style, and also adding lots of amusing flourishes in the form of samples and skits. He deftly avoids pigeonholing himself in any particular genre, but it’s all done with a sense of fun that can’t help but be contagious. Check it out when you’re in the mood for slick, catchy pop music with lots of great hooks and just a hint of oddball humor.”
– Matthew Johnson / Grave Concerns

“…Q*Ball’s latest collaboration with Bumblefoot is sure to propel him into the hearts and minds of every last human on Earth. Magically delicious harmonies and dance rhythms make This Is Serious Business a completely infectious listen filled to the brim with catchy hooks. You’ll be wanting this album, for serious.”
– J-Sin Shawn / Smother.net

“…Uncompromising and effective, light-hearted and optimistic party music, balanced by melancholy-themed songs. Unsurprisingly, love and relationships are a recurring major theme in Q*Ball’s songs, whether in an obvious or a more subtle manner. A couple of tracks, like “Music And Pizza Boy,” provide humorous respites and welcome touches of quirky discord in the album’s progression. If one track grabbed my attention, it was “Pez Dispenser”, building up slowly to an epic intro, it explodes into a rocking celebration of the virtues of Pez Dispensers – a very good example of a well-conceived surreal pop piece and showcase of Q*Ball’s talent. “Freak Out, Rock Hard” is the quintessential party song while “Baby You Drive Me Crazy” is an effective American rock love song. A good release that competently crosses between electropop and rock, with mainstream appeal and keeping a sort of distinctive quirkiness.”
– Miguel de Sousa / Connexion Bizarre

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