Q*Ball – Q*Ball In Space

Q*Ball In Space CD CoverQ*Ball – Q*Ball In Space
Catalog No: BF01
Release Date: 4/01/03
Format: CD

1. Get On The Bus
2. Candle Wax
3. Chew
4. Edith
5. Q*Ball In Space
6. Committed
7. Hey DJ
8. Life of Riley
9. Licky
10. Sinking
11. The Man With No Name Who Saved The Town from the Scourge of Evil
12. Beautiful


Q*Ball In Space is the debut album from NYC electropop guru Q*Ball. Funk-laced electronica, filled with melody, lively beats & plenty of quirkiness to stand out from the pack – a scrumptious dance-pop bonbon.

Q*Ball In Space is a pop record that ventures into all sorts of other directions – at times it is light and danceable, and at other times dark and heavy. Electronica meets groove meets rock all at a really cool party in the Hollywood Hills. Picture a melding between early White Zombie and old B-52’s. That sort of strange combination is one of the many reasons that this CD is an attractive addition to any pop lover’s collection.

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 “…Q brings to the table an arsenal of up-tempo electro-dance tunes laced with catchy pop hooks on tracks like the opening “Get On The Bus,” where Q’s U2-on-Ecstasy style simmers to a boil.”
– Omar Perez / altar native

“…refreshingly clear and modern sounding, reflecting elements of Zooropa-era U2, Gregg Alexander, and some vocal similarities to a post-Notorious Duran Duran.”
– Rodney Griffith / Extended Playhouse

“…electric with funk, techno-pop, and bouncy vocals. With huge guitar fuzz, each song is a build-up of the other with an almost fantasy-filled choose-your-own-adventure lurking at each turn, not to mention some of the best production work I’ve heard in a long time. If Faith No More had decided to continue, but move in more of an
electronica vein, they would have morphed into Q*Ball.”
– J-Sin Shawn / Smother.net

“Another innovative band trying to bring music into the future by holding onto various roots, combining them with a futuristic insanity and a healthy dose of instrumental talent.”
– Music Morsels

“Pure slamming dance floor heaven!”
– Jon Worley / Aiding & Abetting

“…a booty-shaking party record. The exuberant “Get On The Bus” makes this abundantly clear from the start, and if there were any doubt, there’s “Licky”, a floor-burning ode to anal osculation.”
– Demo Universe

“This CD is awesome & gives hope for the whole dance genre, which has seemed so tired lately. “Edith” is particularly clever & danceable – the whole CD is one to play on any kind of roadtrip to keep awake –
you’ll laugh, dance in your seat – forget your worries.”
– Jane Gyarmathy

“Buy this CD! If you’re into electronica, this is it! If your foot’s not tapping the floor on the first chorus, you might want to check into the ER. Catchy instrumentation meets happening vocals in a vortex of swirling rhythms that creates a beautiful work of art. Watch out for Q*Ball’s rising star. Top notch!!”
– Michael Jiron

“This CD is a must have! You will find yourself listening to it over and over again. Catchy tunes like “Get On the Bus” and “Committed” will have your whole body moving.”
– Charles Leet

“Inventive, intelligent, and most of all fun! This album is brilliant and a worthy addition to any collection.”
– Craig Jackson

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