Q*Ball – Fortune Favors the Bald

FFTB CD CoverQ*Ball – Fortune Favors the Bald
Catalog No: BF02
Release Date: 9/20/05
Format: CD

1. Fortune Favors The Bald
2. Showcase
3. John Hughes
4. El Disco
5. Who Said Chivalry Is Dead? (Not Q*Ball)
6. Everything
7. I Can’t Stop!
8. Brock Thurmon, P.I.
9. A Different Age
10. I Hope You’re Happy Now
11. Super Ball
12. Goodbye


Fortune Favors The Bald is the long-awaited follow-up to Q*Ball’s debut album, Q*Ball In Space. Q explores new, introspective themes of heartbreak & regret with a more mature, yet fun – & surprisingly pop-sounding – album. Fans of his previous effort
will not be disappointed, as the powerful vocals, tongue-in-cheek lyrical style, superior production values, and awesome instrumentation (aided by producer & guitar god Bumblefoot) are evident once again.

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“…If you like your U2 rattled & your Bjork secretly groped in the backseat of a Nissan, Q*Ball has a lot for you. Check him out & help him buy a hat.”
– Dom Sinacola / Flagass Radio

“…has a certain teenage high-school “coolness” naivete, a feeling and attitude like that of the 90’s cult TV series Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, but with a bit more kick.”
– Miguel de Sousa / Connexion Bizarre

“…Q*Ball expands the musical horizons with his songwriting skills & should be the rightful owner of the “Best New York City Musician” award, if there were such an award. Fortune Favors the Bald ups the ante a thousand-fold and other like-minded techno-pop artists will be green with envy. Fantastic.”
– J-Sin Shawn / Smother.net

“…not many one-guy operations have the potential of actually getting somewhere with heavy use of light-speed hardcore breakbeats; that he’s able to build undeniably catchy Duran Duran-like pop over jungle whiplashing is testament to… well, perhaps Q*Ball’s guesstimated vision of the future’s music market. Bumblefoot gets half the credit here, though, taking charge of an array of guitars and bass that add real depth to the record. Comparatively, this would be Linkin Park after a Frankie Goes to Hollywood bender.”
– Eric Saeger / Indie In-Tune

“There’s something on Fortune Favors the Bald for everyone, and for every mood. I’m sold on it and will be bold enough to say it’s one of the year’s must-have CDs!”
– Jag / Top Synthpop

“…he’s a bit too idiosyncratic for the mainstream, but that’s why I love his chunky grooves so much. Fortune favors anyone who picks up the Q.”
– Jon Worley / Aiding & Abetting

“…a roller coaster ride from start to finish – diverse in sound and an album that pushes the limits of electronic rock.”
– Julie Johnson / Grave Concerns

“…a brilliant follow-up CD to Q*Ball in Space. I don’t know how he can cram so many influences & idioms under his amazing techno umbrella, but he does, with acrobatic agility. Timeless & tireless, accessible & original. The title track satisfies even the hardest of the hardcore & “Everything” tugs at the heart strings just as sweetly
as “With or Without You” or “Yesterday”. Buy this CD!!!”
– Craig Jackson

“…even better than Q*Ball in Space. A cohesive work of quirky electronica that weaves together the threads of several styles: drum n’ bass & trip hop are just a few influences. Remarkably good & nearly defies description & categorization….like the They Might Be Giants of electronica. His lyrics & funny and apt, but not all the time: sometimes they’re actually quite sweet.”
– Bloodlossgirl / Gothling.com

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