The Last Q*Ball Album

“If ‘Gravity’ was remade by Sofia Coppola, as a musical starring Queen Latifah, this would be the soundtrack.” – Matt Brown

The Last QBall Album
My name is Ron Scalzo.

Two years ago, my life was turned upside down by Superstorm Sandy.
I have relocated five different times since.
Bald Freak Music, the independent record label I ran out of my house’s basement –
my office, my recording studio, my rehearsal space, my merch – drowned.

Synths, turntables, microphones, hard drives. My Beatles albums.
Every CD, LP and tour poster I owned. Every book I wrote a song lyric in.
Every demo tape I ever made. All gone.

It was as if my entire musical history had washed away.

What survived were my Yamaha P22 upright piano, and these ten songs.
Songs about rejection, recovery, and rebirth.
Songs about heartache, heartbreak, and closure.
Y’know….   Songs.

These ten songs are The Last Q*Ball Album.

Ron Scalzo – The Last Q*Ball Album (BFM01)
Release date: 10.29.14
Available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and all digital retail outlets.