The Independent Minded podcast has a new sponsor – and it’s now on Spotify.

Bloom Farms CBD sponsors the Independent Minded podcast

My podcast has been a ‘thing’ for almost 7 years now. It began as a lark – it was ‘extra credit’ at my radio day job, and at a time where not a lot of radio folks were doing podcasts. Now your grandmother probably has a podcast.

When Independent Minded started in 2012, my life was totally different – I saw this new creative project as a way to help my friends in indie bands get some extra exposure, and also a means to improve my interviewing chops, since that same radio day job I mentioned mostly involved pushing buttons and producing fat loss and hair removal ads. Ah, the glamorous life….

For 6 of those 7 years, the behemoth media company that “oversaw” the Independent Minded podcast had the ability and opportunity to promote it on its airwaves, on its far-reaching social media platforms. They could have found sponsors for my podcast, met with me to discuss a direction, a game plan. They could have raised awareness, raised money, raised the stakes.

And for 6 years….they did nothing.

And I was just fine with that. The podcast is called ‘Independent Minded’ – being independent seemed the natural course of action. The big dogs didn’t need me – and I didn’t need them. Sure, I was using their studios and their microphones, but that was pretty much the extent of our partnership. So the fact that they were ignorant and apathetic of something I was very passionate about spoke volumes about their perception of me, and of podcasts, in general. IMHO, they still don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

When I left the highly rated morning show at the highly rated radio station I worked for after over two decades there – in the biggest media market in the country, along with the behemoth media company that syndicated it, I did so with little fanfare – so little, in fact, that the people who oversaw podcasting at that company still thought my podcast still existed on their platform.

It does not. And so, when I moved to DC last summer, I truly became ‘independent minded.’ I could have just stopped doing the podcast – which is a destiny for a lot of podcasts at my former company. They just cease to exist – sometimes because of hopelessness or laziness…but mostly because of ignorance. Big factories don’t care about their small potatoes, and I was but a tiny little spud.

It was a true crossroads, and I was determined to at least prove to myself what most who are rejected need to validate: ‘It’s not you, it’s them.’ I had a shiny new job at a prestigious radio company, I was moving my whole life to a new state and starting over in my 40s. I had plenty on my plate. I didn’t need Independent Minded any more than my old bosses did, not to make a living nor to have a life. And what better position to be in to discover whether you truly want something?

So I bought a Tascam portable recorder and a new pair of headphones. I started trekking to venues in my new home state to talk to indie artists from bands I grew up digging – Failure, Cake, Local H, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Citizen Cope. I hung out backstage at legendary DC venues like 9:30 Club, The Birchmere and The Black Cat, in tour buses, in hotel lobbies.

And it was really challenging at first, having to do things in a completely different way. It still is. There’s a lot of waiting around. Some of the talks fall flat, most involve some sort of unforeseen mishap. It comes with the territory of guerrilla interviewing.

But Independent Minded is a passion project. It’s all mine and nobody can touch it now – no one can fuck it up but me. I’m not just a bald freak, I’m a control freak too. And I’ve been more prolific that I ever was while working at the bubblegum factory.

Now I have a sponsor. Bloom Farms CBD. I stuck to my guns – I would never endorse something that I didn’t use, that I didn’t believe in. I wore ‘not being a product whore’ at my old gig like a badge of honor. It kept me out of the same tax bracket as a lot of my co-workers, and that was just fine. Money isn’t everything.

Bloom Farms is independent, just like me. All their product is sustainably grown. They’re responsible, they’re charitable, they care about the environment. They’re based in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world. They make stuff that fits my lifestyle to a tee. And best of all, they wanted to work with me. It’s a perfect marriage.

You’ll be hearing more about Bloom Farms in upcoming episodes of Independent Minded – and if you’re a listener, you’ll have the chance to sample their products at a discount. So stay tuned for that. In the meantime, check out what Bloom Farms is all about here.

Finally, Independent Minded is now on Spotify. I personally have mixed feelings about the platform, especially as an indie artist still making music. But I’ll admit that if you’re a music fan, or a dude who does a podcast about music, Spotify is where you want to spend a good amount of time these days. So I’m excited to see my podcast on Spotify in addition to iTunes, Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.

So yeah – things are lookin up! Episode 100 will go live this summer, and some cool bands and guests are on tap for the rest of 2019. Thanks for taking the journey with me, and hope you’ll stick around for the rest of the ride, wherever the hell it’s headed.

And please – support independent music. For the love of God.

Yer pal,