How A Superstorm Destroyed My Record Label

On October 29th, 2012, Superstorm Sandy sent a tidal wave to my home in New York City. The entire house was flooded, my music production studio and home office were destroyed, along with most everything inside of it – all CDs and merchandise from Q*BALL, RETURN TO EARTH, THE HEAD SET; all my gear, my memorabilia, my furniture, my history. It’s all gone.


I am still in business, and all our artists’ music is still available digitally thru iTunes, Amazon, and all other digital retail outlets. I am documenting the experience as I attempt to rebuild, relocate, and refocus my life, no less the focus of my business and my musical endeavors.

It’s all up on The Bald Freak Blog. I hope you will read about my journey.

And I hope you continue to take the journey with me….