I listened to a lot of albums in 2017, probably more than I ever have in a full year. It’s all free now, all easily accessible. The excitement over a new release doesn’t really exist anymore. Sitting down with the artwork, learning the lyrics, exploring the liner notes, phasing everything else out to really *listen* like I did to OK Computer and Achtung Baby and Paul’s Boutique – it’s no longer the norm for adults, while most kids will never have any real concept of that kind of musical intimacy. But I still listen to new music, almost every day.

I made an album in 2017 too. It’s my tenth, either as a solo artist or as part of a band. I had no delusions about what it would bring me, only what I already knew: it would cost me a lot of money, it would take up a lot of time. It would come and it would go. It would give me a purpose. It would impress a lady. It would help support some cool independent studios, musicians and engineers. It would forge bonds with new and old friends. I would eat a lot sushi during the making of it. It would be therapy during the worst of 2017 and inspiration during the best of it. It would tell a story about what was going on in my life. It would give me confidence. It would fulfill me.

So my album is my favorite album of 2017. It’s not the best album of 2017, not by any means. But it’s pretty good. It affected me in a way no Chainsmokers album ever could. It’s maybe, like, the 843rd best album of 2017. Go find 842 albums better, I dare you. You don’t have the time.

Bald Freak Best of 2017:

1. LCD Soundsystem – American Dream
2. Slowdive – Slowdive
3. Waxahatchee – Out of the Storm
4. Ryan Adams – Prisoner
5. Dead Cross – Dead Cross
6. The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding
7. St. Vincent – Masseduction
8. Arcade Fire – Everything Now
9. Beck – Colors
10. SOHN – Rennen

And 10 more: Enter Shikari, Vagabon, Noah Gundersen, Hundred Waters, Royal Blood, Richard Edwards, Dent May, Beach Fossils, Spotlights

Hope you all keep rocking in 2018 xo