A Dozen Things

When I was a kid, I loved making lists.  I ranked my favorite bands, my favorite movie directors, my favorite baseball players on primitive DOS-based software, typing away in my tiny room while listening to Def Leppard’s Hysteria, then printing out the lists on my noisy-as-fuck dot matrix printer so I could stare longingly at hard copies of my handiwork, making changes whenever necessary.  I had a notebook (now a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet!) listing every movie I had ever seen, complete with my own rating.  I aspired to be a film critic or a music critic, I was an aficionado, a pop culture geek.  I was Rain Man.  It was my “thing,” my OCD, my crazy, and it’s the sorta madness that makes you wanna pick me to be on your pub trivia team today.

It’s also something I still like to do for fun, and now it’s a monthly nostalgia feature – and writing exercise – here at Bald Freak HQ.