Big Dope – new indie rock song / lyric vid from Ron Scalzo

Big Dope is the first single off my next indie solo release, I Gotta Rock. I recorded it last year at Golden Retriever Studio in Berlin, Germany with Matthew Brown, Philip Morton Andernach, & Holger Luken.  It was a singular, unforgettable experience.

I’ve spent the past few years talking with musicians from all walks of life about their craft. The coffers are empty, the rock star days are over, the clubs are condos. So much talent overlooked in a digital wasteland – so why are you still doing this??

“This is just what I do.”

I wanna thank all the musicians – friends, peers, idols, strangers – who told me that. I get it now. These past few years have reminded me how vital music is – and has been – to who I am and what I am. No matter who’s listening.

This is just what I do.

All proceeds from sales of the single will be donated to DKMS US. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it.


Watch the official lyric video on YouTube: