New Ron Scalzo solo album – 2017

I’m releasing another album. In the Fall. If I can put all the pieces of the puzzle together by then. I need to keep creating, to keep writing, to stay in shape. Music keeps me (somewhat) sane. These past few years have been all about momentum, about personal growth – about getting back on track and building a buzz for my music again. I put an album out, I released an EP, I performed live with a full band backing me up.

I’m not done. I’m just getting started.

The two songs I recorded in Berlin, Germany last May will be on the new album. I’ll be recording new music in Jersey City, New Jersey – a place that has made me feel like I’m on solid ground again – next month. I’m heading to Nashville in May to record at the acclaimed Toy Box Studio.  Some musical heroes of mine have recorded there.  I’ll be releasing the first single from the album, Big Dope, in the Spring, with plans to travel to either Austin or New Orleans and then overseas again in the summer to do some more recording.  All this should amount to a proper album, one that I’ll press to vinyl and make a video or two to promote. This is who I am. This is how I roll. I’m all in. I’m a purist.  I’m old school.  I want my new album to get at least a 5.7 on Pitchfork.

I’m dying to get these songs out, but what’s the rush?  I’m still here….and I’m learning to be patient.  In an instant gratification world, being patient means being different. It means doing better, as a musician and as a human.

Thanks for continuing to take the journey with me.