I begin work on a new solo album in early May, in Berlin, Germany.  This will be my 3rd solo release in 3 years, following The Last Q*Ball Album and You Deserve The Best.

Ron Scalzo You Deserve The Best Tucson

Ever since Superstorm Sandy, an event in which my entire musical and material history was essentially erased, I have thought long and hard about how much I truly care about being an artist, about being in front of a microphone. About taking pride in what I do even when eyes and ears are often focused elsewhere. I guess I know the answer now.

I’ll be working with the talented Matthew Brown at Golden Retriever Studios. I met Matt in Seattle two summers ago – he engineered, mixed, and contributed guitar work to 3 songs on The Last Q*Ball Album.  It was during these sessions that I decided that music still mattered to me, that I had already decided that I could turn the flood into something positive rather than drown in self-pity and just accept all that loss. Sometimes we waste precious time building an ark when we can swim towards opportunity instead.

I’ll soon be posting songs and stories from You Deserve The Best on my blog.  You can also listen to songs from the new EP beginning this month on YouTube.