Q*Ball – “Almost Paradise” available now – free download

Q*Ball cover of “Almost Paradise” from the ‘Footloose’ soundtrack is available for free download via the link below at Soundcloud.  The original version was sung by Mike Reno & Ann Wilson, aka The Guy With The Headband from Loverboy and The Bigger One from Heart.  It was written by the guy who brought you one of the gayest songs ever – “Hungry Eyes,” Mr. Eric Carmen.

Q – “My cousin performed in a church community performance of ‘Footloose’ this past summer and the only redeeming thing I got out of that besides some free Twizzlers was a reminder that ‘Almost Paradise’ was a pretty dramatic, catchy tune.  It’s a quintessential 80s power ballad and after watching it 450 times on YouTube so I could learn the chord progressions, I must admit, it’s powerful.  Considering my fondness for 80s cheez and Kevin Bacon, and my desire to learn to play songs by ear on the piano, I thought it’d be cool to record my own spin on the song.  My version probably sucks, but hey, you get what you pay for.  It was cool to learn how to play it.”

“Almost Paradise” is written by Eric Carmen & Dean Pitchford.
Copyright Sony/ATV Melody Publishing LLC (BMI).  All rights reserved.